Green Solutions

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Container Homes

Conserve Water and Save on Your Utility Bills

Incorporate a rainwater catchment system into your Studiox9 shipping container home design. The 1,500-gallon barrel connects to the gutter system and downspout and supplies water for irrigation use. Or you can filter and purify the rainwater for drinking and indoor use or irrigation. Lastly, the wastewater collected from all other plumbing fixtures is diverted to a grey water tank. Once treated, water is used for various purposes.

Solar power package increases energy efficiency and reduces costs

Keep the temperature of your metal home in Texas comfortable year-round while being kind to your budget. Your Studiox9 shipping container house has a solar power package that includes a solar panel and backup generator. You can expect a significant reduction in utility bills, estimated to be $100 a month, thanks to solar power.


Studiox9 Introduces Prototype:


In an effort to demonstrate and succeed in the pursuit of developing a fully functional prototype from the “Project NOAH” (Net-0 Affordable Housing) model, Studiox9 will endeavor to conceptualize, design, construct, and completely utilize the initial version of the “home” or “office” setup. The mission is to further show how a homestead can be designed and become fully functional while using recyclable and sustainable materials, energy-efficient products, and have a carbon footprint with minimal impact on the environment.

The implementation of “green” strategies and systems will be a base standard for all structures. In today’s economic environment, the ability to use recyclable materials is vitally important in the design and production of affordable housing. With the costs of electricity, water, gas, etc., continuing to rise at an above-average rate, it only becomes logical to take a “GREEN” direction toward the design protocols.

The location of Project NOAH will be a surprise, soon to be disclosed.

All homes will be constructed with the following base sustainable elements.

All green technologies will be provided in an owner’s manual.

Mechanical Systems

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Rainwater Collection tank/and Gutter Systems
  • LED lighting

Exterior Composition

  • Hardy Plank / Smart Board
  • Brick veneers
  • Stone veneers
  • Exterior masonry veneer
  • Paver driveways
  • Green Roof

Interior Composition

  • Complete American with Disability Act Design Integration
  • Energy Star-rated appliances
  • Low VOC grade paint
  • Waterproof stains and finishes on interior floors