Supporting Various Organizations for Community Enhancement

Carmelite Learning Center is a Christian Community Development Agency with a focus on transforming the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in our city. They seek to create effective, lasting change from within by engaging people at every level. They work to help neighborhood residents change by helping develop the gifts and skills of the residents, empowering the residents to design and implement changes. Urban Connections is able to suggest, assist, and advocate, thereby setting in motion an organic transformation.


West End Hope In Action is a group that works with the West Side of San Antonio in educating the general public on social responsibilities to one another. The organization works with code compliance on deteriorating buildings, both commercial and residential, the Chief of Police on law enforcement and crime activity, and helps clean up the community

West End Affordable Housing Group is dedicated to providing resources in the assistance of new home construction and home repair for low-income residents.

Second Chance Citizens helps formerly convicted felons receive job coordination in various trade jobs. They advocate for the re-assimilation of formerly convicted felons and promote positive incentives to stay crime-free.